NASSH 2016

Official Conference Hashtag: #NASSH2016

The North American Society for Sport History (NASSH) endorses the use of social media at its annual convention, so I hope I can get a glimpse at what is going on right now.I can only recommend this conference to any academic. I like the idea that NASSH encourages attendees to use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and blogging platforms to promote sports history. So I will get a few impressions without being there.

First I got a glimpse at the US Soccer History panel with Dr. Kioussis and then the grad student essay award. As always interesting stuff.


This weekend participants used the hashtag #NASSH2016 to comment on anything related to the conference. Also it was really nice to follow the official Journal of Sport History Twitter account: @JournSportHistory

Autor: derballluegtnicht

Writes about the politics of sports. For him sports and politics always mix.

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