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Weise Worte von Zehnkämpfer Moritz Cleve – Wise words by decathlete Moritz Cleve

Moritz Cleve - Zehnkämpfer - Decathlete

I graduated in May 2012 with my bachelor’s degree and decided to return to Germany – to focus on sports. My expectation was that I would crush my personal records simply because I could focus my energy entirely on athletics without having to worry about the next exam, pop quiz or group project. My expectation was that I could fully reach my athletic potential and take a shot at the qualifying standard of the Olympics.

My plan failed. My training didn’t go well and so did the competitions. My routine was completely out of whack, a regular schedule basically didn’t exist. One day I would go to practice at 8 in the morning, the next day at 10, the next day at 11. It was all up to me.

Back at K-State as a student athlete, it simply wasn’t up to me. Everything was structured, lifting platforms were reserved for…

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Autor: derballluegtnicht

Writes about the politics of sports. For him sports and politics always mix.

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