Muhammad Ali – Where sports and hip hop collide



Ready or Not
“I refugee from Guantanamo Bay/ Dance around the border like I’m Cassius Clay” -Pras


Mama said knock you out
I’m gonna take this itty-bitty world by storm
And I’m just getting warm
Just like Muhammad Ali, they called him Cassius
Watch me bash this


“Ooohh la la, ah oui oui, I say Muhammad Ali, you say Classius Clay” -Greg Nice


The Game
“They try to box me in like Cassius Clay/ Hey I’m like Muhammad when he fasted/ Opposing the fascist, make cuts and got gashes” -Common


“Rumble, young man, rumble/ Life is a trip, so sometimes we gonna stumble” -Jay Z


Underground Kings
I swear, it’s been two years since somebody asked me who I was I’m the greatest man, I said that before I knew I was


The Customer
Because I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee 
You know, I’m the E of EPMD – EPMD


 “Just let me be great, let me be great/ I feel like mothaf*ckin’ Cassius Clay right now, Genius!” […] “America tried to emasculate the greats/ Murder Malcolm, gave Cassius the shakes/ Wait, tell them rumble young man rumble” -Jay Z

Autor: derballluegtnicht

Writes about the politics of sports. For him sports and politics always mix.

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Insights on sport business, culture, and ethics.

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sport and politics always mix (Blog)

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sport and politics always mix (Blog)

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sport and politics always mix (Blog)


sport and politics always mix (Blog)

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sport and politics always mix (Blog)

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